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EMEL S.r.l

We are a company specialized in sheet metal processing,

with significant know-how that allows us

to fully manage the needs of our clients,

from prototype analysis to the manufacturing of the finished product.


Our quality


Striving for quality is the common element that characterizes all our work. 

Each process is monitored carefully

from design

to accurate manufacturing of the piece,

all the way to customer care.

EMEL S.r.l. was founded in 1976 in Boretto  in the province of Reggio Emilia, as a small artisan shop.

The founder, Elvio Benatti,who worked for many years as a Mechanical Department Manager at a local company chose to put to good use his experience by starting to produce sheet metal parts for third parties, thus becoming, over the years, the supplier of the most important companies in the area.

Over the years,, thanks to constant growth, EMEL S.r.l.  specialized in the processing of components made of different materials, from iron to stainless steel, striving for quality and technologically advanced products. This proactive and visionary spirit allows the company to acquire clients of primary importance at the international level.

Since 2010,  EMEL S.r.l. has been expanding, moving to the current 3500 square meters manufacturing facility and maintaining the old headquarters as a welding and finishing department for  STAINLESS STEEL parts.

In the last  two years,  EMEL S.r.l. setup an in-house technical office, promoting a co-design method to support its clients  and optimizing the quality/price ratio of the components to be manufactured.

Today EMEL S.r.l can manage job orders on behalf of third parties in a complete way, starting from the purchase of the raw material up to the full processing of the piece by using various technologies, such as laser cutting, bending, welding, processing of finishes and surface treatments including galvanizing, 

  and cataphoresis.

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    Aerial image of the company


    in the mid-nineties.

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    Aerial image of the welding and finishing


    department  of the company


    in the mid-nineties.